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  1. free Habbo credits says:

    There is some solid information on this page. I like how you put things. I’ve added the feed to my boomarks and will check back often. I did have an issue with how quick the website loaded. Might be an issue to optimize.

  2. Ann Clarke says:

    I want to tell you how impressed i am with soapnuts.I was a little cynical until I tried them and saw the lather and saw the results. No more detergent washing for me. I risked washing an ancient Persian rug which was very grimy and greasy. It has come out soft and clean and no colour run as I used a 30 heat setting.

    I have to admit that I used too many in this wash but I am using them again and again. I should have followed your excellent instructions in the leaflet that came with the package.

    I now intend to use soapnuts for other purposes. I suffer from an itchy scalp so will try washing my hair with soapnuts to see if this helps. I will let you know.

    Thank you for your amazing Christmas present to me. Love.Ann

  3. Lorna says:

    Hello Sally, Tried soapnuts for first time today am delighted. I washed among other things a pair of grubby cream socks. they were spotless and a new lambswool sweater and it is so soft. Unbelieveable, no water softener or anything else and I’m in a hardwater area.
    Can’t wait to try them in other ways. I definately could become addicted to cleaning!


  4. Lucy says:

    Hi I bought some clay and hemp soap from you at the history weekend and love them but feel that I need some moisturiser and would like too buy some argan oil where can I order some? Also can you me what the free delivery amount is as I may be tempted by your other products! Thanks a lot.

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